Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to create a screencast (video) of your website freely

If you are a blogger, social networker, web designer or just a simple guy who wants to create a video for your blog readers, website visitors, to show them how to search a particular website or search engine, database etc., then this post can really help you.

Creating a great library website video can be challenging. However, if you use one of the following free programs, you will find it much easier.

1. Sketchcast.com Use this cool tool and site to create videos with sketches made by creating stick figures.

2. Flixtime.com Use this site to create a video with pictures, text, audio or music.

3. Animoto.com Another site similar to flixtime.

4. OneTrueMedia.com Another site similar to flixtime and animoto however, one true media allows you to create longer videos for free.

5. Prezi.com This nifty site lets you create videos that are a mixture of powerpoint and interactive video.

6. Screenr.com Use this handy site to record screen capture videos. The videos are also hosted on the web by ScreenR.

7. Masher.com Another site similar to some of the others only with a few unique features.

8. Stupeflix.com Use this site to create videos that are a combination of photos and videos.

9. Slidesix.com Create videos out of your power points.

10. Camstudio.org Use this free download software to create screen capture videos. This program works a lot like camtasia, only it’s free and does not have as many editing features.

What is your favorite way to create library videos?



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