Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Technology blog in Flipping mode

Reading eBooks has become a common practice now a days. Adding "Flipping" behavior to eBooks creates more fun in reading, as you have the feel like you had  in reading a book. We have gone a step ahead as we publish our blog "Techtimely" in an PDF format  and published it as an flipping view mode, so that our reader's have a great fun. For this amazing flipping mode stuff thanks to as well as for creating  PDF out of our Web pages.

Now How we finally reached  flipping mode.
  • Firstly created PDF's out of our webpages using  online service  , we also used service from tabbloid (Lot of free services and software's are online for creating PDF'S out of websites)
  • Merged all of the PDF documents with  PDF merger(You can accomplish above steps also by using Adobe software)
  • Uploaded our created PDF to and hurray it's done!
  • Finally uploaded to Zoho for further viewing and saving.
For viewing eBook of our blog in Flipping mode  visit Axmag KeytoICT viewer or  view below (Just flip and enjoy!,You can Zoom to read )



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