Friday, February 25, 2011

Woorank! Smart Website Analysis Tool

Want to have detailed report about your website,then go for Woorank! WooRank is an automated Website Analysis Tool to help Marketers understand and improve their website.WooRank gathers data about any website, analyze it and provides a personalized report to improve the website on a marketing standpoint.The current version is free. A premium version analyzing over 120 criteria is under development.WooRank is a company established in Brussels, Belgium. In one single click it will analyze your website for conformance to SEO best practices and show how it ranks against the competition. Its real-time report consisting of 50 criterias in 6 different sections will help you to instantly spot critical issues that impact traffic, usability and lead generation. Now web professionals have an objective yardstick to know what Google looks for when crawling their websites.

Moreover WooRank will deliver easy-to-understand descriptions of identified problems and provide precious advice on how to fix them. More than one hundred personalized how-to tips are already available to achieve top rankings and drive additional traffic.You can even export the detailed reports of your website in pdf format.Visit Woorank



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