Monday, October 25, 2010

Useful Tips regarding NET/ SET

Here I am giving some tips that may be a very useful to you for passing the NET/ SET exams.

* No one specific book is sufficient for preparing the NET/ SET exams.


1. Refer the basic books of B.Lib/ M.Lib. for making the perfect foundation of every concept includes in the area of Library Science.

2. Refer the recent Journals regularly in the field of LIS. e.g. IASLIC Newsletter, DESIDOC Bulletin of Information & technology..


3. Frequently browsing of the websites of various Organisations, Forums, Blogs is the good activity for getting the recent information, trends that are ongoing in the LIS field as well as you can register for various e- newsletters available on the web. They simply push updates to your e-mail accounts.


4. Keep some Box Files. Organise your all information by section wise in the paper form in these files.


5. At the same time you can organise your all information by topic wise in the Computer Folders. e.g. in the folder named of UNESCO, you can dump all MS Word, PDF, PPT files at here related to UNESCO.


6. Make your notes with the help of various diagrams such as Circles, Arrows, Tree chart & keep out your own Keywords/ Acronyms for memorising the particular paragraphs. e.g. for 6' Sigma, use DMAIC (D= define, M= measure, A= analysis, I= improve, C= control)


7. Keep some logic to prepare the notes. e.g. in context of Library Organisations make a chart & firstly start from the USA, UK, Indian & then regional organisations. After of that if needed firstly take General org & then Special Organisations.



8. Discuss the various LIS issues & news with your LIS colleagues. This will help you sharpen the latest knowledge. Recall the information again & again that you have studied before.


9. Imagine the psychology of the 'Paper Setters' that they are highly qualified professionals in the LIS field so don't write irrelevant information. Just give pin- pointed information in the paper. Mention the recent information by giving the * (Star sign) in your answer.


10. If possible, always attend the various seminars, workshops, discussion programmes.


11.Your answer should includes Basic + Specific + Update information. Always give latest references in answer.

12. Time Management is depends person to person so don't follow to others. Identify your own writing speed & try to increase it.


13. Be creative & always seek the new information/ Concepts in LIS. By noting of this information in your answer you can get maximum marks than others.


14. Strictly avoid the negative thinking people. These are the major barriers that always stop to you to achieve the targets.


Wish You Best of Luck ! (that is never exists without honest & systematic efforts)

Hopes, these tips will be helpful to you !



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